Wednesday, April 27, 2011

up, up, and away!!!

Thursday evening will find Bride picking up two lovely ladies at the airport. My sister and I are flying out to attend a bridal shower for her.
This is the auntie's first time to this location and state, so she's excited to explore new territory. I'm happy to have some time with my sister. We have fun together, and it will be tripled to be around Bride too.

It's a short trip.... getting home on Monday evening, but long enough to get zumba with the bride and a community concert in. Not to mention the bridal shower and church.
Hope to take in the local farmers market too. Bride assures me spring is slowly sneaking in. Will be fun to see.
And of course, we plan to wake up to watch 'the other' wedding that's happening, too. 

God blessed our land with a much needed rain last night. We got a lovely slow, gentle one inch. thanks God.

And our dog blessed the huppah by burying the Easter ham bone under it!!


  1. I don't want this story to come to a close. Love this

  2. thanks happygirl. At this point, it seems we've got miles to go before we're done!.
    (am toying w/another blog post-wedding. this blogging gets in the blood )
    Since the commenting on your blog has changed I'm still working on that and how I want to appear, but I am reading. : )