Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sentimental Journey

Brides two grandmama's gave her some very special gifts this weekend. So special in fact they each caused leaky eye syndrome.
FOB's momma, known as Gram, gave a beautiful glass serving dish to her granddaughter. This dish belonged to my mother-in-love's, mother-in-love. Or to make sense, Brides great grandma. No clue's as to the age of this gift, well over 50 years for certain. The card from Gram said something about Bride enjoying serving with this dish just like her great grandma did. 
My MIL is sentimental like this and has shared family treasures with all of us, which we love.

Then my momma gave Bride something not so old, but just as sentimental. My mom makes the best pie crust. Honest. 
(I would be happy to just eat the crust and skip the filling. ...
because her apple pie is fought over at family dinners.) 
Many years ago she got some pie engravers. These are cute little ceramic things you use like a cookie cutter to make designs in the top crust. Now Miss Bride is the owner of them. She's been making pies for RMG for awhile now, perfecting her own crust. Now they can be decorated with extra special love.

In case you're wondering about my mom not having them anymore....she has had to resort to a good frozen crust. Between arthritis and cancer, homemade crusts are a thing of the past for her now. We are just happy to have her around...homemade crusts we do love, but not as much as we love our momma/grandma.


  1. Sweet to have grandmothers involved in a wedding.

  2. i'm pretty lucky. & thankful!