Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tender Times

Today is bridal shower #1
 I enjoyed breakfast in the hotel lobby, listening to the little families feed their all brought back memories. Lots of  sweet, fun, memories.

Miss Bride was just toddling around and exerting her independence. She wanted on the dining room table even though she was NOT supposed to be there. Regardless, she scoots her tiny self under the table, stretches those cute little legs up to a chair seat. Then because the chairs are pushed in all the way only her brown head is able to sneak out to see the table top. I hear this little voice.. " me do it!"

Another flash back;
In 1987 our family of 4 at the time, took a trip to the east coast. It was lots of driving at times and car seats weren't quite the necessity then as now. We had a mid-size station wagon. Little miss Bride hopped in the back to play. She was getting very restless so she puts her delicate hands on the middle seat, stretches out her pint sized body and runs. She has a grin from ear to ear, and her long brown puppy-dog-earred-hair bounces with each hop. Of course we have kid-type music cassette tapes playing so she's jogging for all she's worth to the music.  " I'm a hop hop hopping kangaroo..." She's 4 years old.

Now that Little Delight is excited and a bit nervous about today. More excited than nervous. I think also wondering if she's worthy of these gifts of love. My stars child...of course you are!

Plus.... we all know this do you show a grateful and delighted expression when opening a gift....when all you really want to do is say.." you've got to be kidding! what were you thinking? what is this thing?"

Fortunately this child knows and shows grace. Besides the people all coming love her dearly, so she'll be fine.

The momma, on the other hand, needs a hanky. My eyes have begun to express how my heart is starting to feel.
Where did those years go?
 Did we love enough?
 Did we laugh enough?

Pray I won't be a blubbering buffoon the next 2 days.

1 comment:

  1. oh momma,
    this is beautiful.
    i'm glad i didn't read this before any of the showers. **grin**
    i already needed a hanky.
    i need a hug now.
    we definitely love'd enough, just as we definitely aren't through loving
    & one can never laugh too much. **grin** we've still got more to come...
    & dancing, we're definitely not done there either!
    i love you a bushel & a peck!