Friday, April 1, 2011

I SHOULD be asleep

Today starts a busy weekend.
I need to be sleeping.
I leave in 8 hours for a 3 hour journey.
Gonna have lunch w/the bride and her flower girl!
Then do errands. 
Saturday a bridal shower hosted by good friends who are also bridal attendants.
Lots of lovely ladies invited. 
Good friends and their momma's and grand-momma's who've been pivotal people for Bride. Some I've been blessed to meet. 
Others I'll get to enjoy for the first time.
I'm thinking my car will be full with lots of love on the way home.

Then Sunday another bridal shower here at her home church.
Gonna be a sweet group of ladies.
Most of these have known Bride-y for many years. 
They too are women of love and support for us.

We got several wedding rsvp's yesterday.
Via mail and paperless post.
(Even though the zip code is wrong, we're still getting them.)
yeah God.
It's exciting to see who is coming.
Some of brides great aunts and uncles even.

I'm getting excited thinking of these events.

Enjoyed a delightful visit with my folks and favorite brother of the bride yesterday. Grandpa, who has a touch of dementia, was animated and having fun with that grandson. They worked on a jigsaw puzzle. We all did and finished it up even. 
Made my heart happy to see my sweet daddy's blue eyes sparkle and dance with oneriness and joy.

When we got home, I potted 2 plants, started the water on the big flower bed and went to zumba.
Worked hard there, came home, ate supper fixed by my tall handsome son, then out to yard work.
The weeds are making themselves known.
Have to get to those chores while it's warm and no wind. 

After a hot shower and good back rub from my brown eyed handsome man, I was sleeping good.

So why oh why am I awake now?


  1. This sounds WONDERFUL. I think you will have enough joy around you to forgo any missed sleep. And, there's always COFFEE.

  2. Happy April Fools Day. Check out my blog today. ...there's something there that might make you happy. Or at least smile!