Saturday, June 4, 2011

almost a week later

Time does fly when you're having fun.
Time went in to super sonic speed the past two weeks.
Not necessarily do I want those days back, or to re-do them. We were non-stop, on-the-go crazy busy. 
But we also  HAD FUN.  
Many moments of great JOY and DELIGHT.

So it's Saturday, our home is slowly getting back to normal. I have bridemaids bouquets in vases/ pitchers in my living room. I like them. They have a just-cut-from-the-garden look. Exactly what Bride wanted.  I will miss them when they are no longer presentable.
Which the brides bouquet has already reached that point. 
It is beyond, actually. 
So far, I just can't toss it out, though. 
It had a great run last Sunday. It withstood gale force winds and heat, inumerable hugs and squishes, could say it was well loved. 
When I put it together Saturday night with Bride watching, she would say.."oh momma, I like how this is looking." and when it was finished, we were both happy. ( me a bit relieved. Not being sure I could create her vision.)
Seems I did ok.

 Flowers in "action" looking good.

You'll notice RMG did not wear his suit coat. It was just too darn hot. He didn't need to pass out, and is certainly handsome enough!
Bride preferred this look anyway, but RMG was hoping for the formality. 
Well, bless his heart, there were many places with out formality in them. : )
Did I tell you my son and I did a bit of boogie-ing down-the-garden -path? 
He had requested this very happy, zippy fun song to escort me in to. When he mentioned the name of it, last fall... I balked. In fact, said , "you will not escort me in to a song named that!" He laughed at his momma, he's good at that, and said " mom, listen to it. Then you'll see." So he played it for me on his phone. ( Back when I was a kid we didn't even carry phones, let alone listen to music on them.. ahh technology. In fact, I spent many years on a party line. but that's another story.) 
ahem..back to business
okay you're gonna have to google this...if you don't know it already.
Songs name is " Flossing a dead horse."
horrid right? Especially to escort the mother of the bride.
but listen to it. 
Then tell me you would not dance down the garden path too. 
I mean really. The song begged for it. 
We did a spin/twirl when we got to our seats.
I do have photos to document that..but currently out of time to hunt and move them. I promise to show them.
Today...back to my time with a YaYa...a bit of shopping, picking up dry cleaning, and a visit to my folks. Then home to attend a graduation reception.



  1. Lovely bride, bouquet and groom. Hot and breezy. Good combo.

  2. I am loving all the wedding photos! And I love that you danced down the aisle! Such a fun momma!