Monday, June 20, 2011

wedding day part 4

At our family photo time things get tricky. I managed to find the only remaining hole in the yard, left by our dog Patches.  The next thing I knew the ground and I were becoming well acquainted. I turned my right ankle and went down on my left knee.  “I hope I can get up!” I manage up as gracefully as possible, hobbled to the picture site. 
doncha love my 'windswept' hair-do?

 our main 4 kids now

Afterwards, I got some good therapy and stretching so I was able to function. It was suggested I limit myself on the dance floor. Hahaha!!

Once all bridal party pics were done, most went to the church. There was more room and it was cooler. I sat down at home to enjoy 9 week old Baby of Joy and Delight. 

She and I have such a connection. :) She would smile and talk to me! A precious gift for certain.

I did chat briefly with extended family members at the church, then back to putting up my feet in an attempt to the keep the ankle swelling down. 

All too soon, the bridal party is back in our home, and it’s time for the wedding to start
The whole day had been going so fast, I just wanted to slow it down….to ponder a bit. 

Time waits for no momma of the bride however and the backyard was full of warm guests.  
I was hanging out with the bridal party outside the fence waiting . When you are behind the scenes at a wedding, i.e. part of the bridal party, it reminds me of being backstage at a play. There is unity, a bit of anxiousness as you all wait your turn.

When we heard some music I got the best man to take a small spin on the dance sidewalk with me. Was fun. Plus I was getting to know this kind, organized and fun man who is a life-long friend of RMG. He’s a good egg that I plan to spend more time with in the years to come.

The grandparents were seated, and I only have photos of Brides side. RMG was blessed to have both his grandma's there too. Such cuties they are.
Our son bringing in my parents.

 Walking in Gram. 
She told him, " I'm walking down the aisle 
with another handsome family man."

then RMG’s momma….really wish I had a picture of that, too. I hope to get with his family for copies of their pictures.

and it was time for me. 
Ready or not.
On the arm of my tall handsome son, we started in. Several photos have been taken of us, and I’m in mid-strut… so it looks a bit…well…not the most complimentary.
 But this was boogie-ing music so we bopped 
to the music down the garden path
 and finished off with a spin before sitting down. 

 Later I was informed by a reliable source that my southern great niece said “ great entrance Aunt.” 

I am very thankful my son picked this happy song out. Anything sad or sentimental would have been havoc on my momma-heart.
Wanna know what the name is?
"flossing a  dead horse." 
horrid title, but GREAT music.
check it out for yourself.


  1. Gorgeous pics. Love the dress. I'm so sorry you fell. Thanks for the sharing.

  2. oh momma! keep the memories coming, i love it!! **grin**