Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a bit of rambling as I'm wandering...

Having a lovely time with our oldest and youngest children. Currently blogging, listening to the song Unforgettable on Pandora radio.
Sitting in a very old house turned to apartments.
Tall ceilings, over 9 ft., crown molding, fun trim around the doors and windows. 
Big leafy green trees outside framed by these long white trimmed
Such a relaxing view!
We've tried to figure out if the house was always full of roomers or apartments.
So far, we've only been conclusive on one thing....and that is....
We don't have a clue!

However that has not kept us from enjoying the character of this older home and the in the neighborhood.

I have been shopping for new living room curtains.
Remember, mine ended up being the huppah covering.
Due to the hurricane-force wedding winds, they are not new curtains for me! yeah.
or not.
So far not finding anything.

Tomorrow I make the 5 hour journey home.
Will stop along the way to see a good friend recently hospitalized.
Late last night she was involved in a hit and run.
She was the one hit.
I know..... soo wrong on many levels.
Yes, there are many injuries, and a long recovery ahead for her.
 I am thankful she's still around.
Gonna miss zumba and water aerobics though because she's our instructor.

My youngest daughter is apartment and cat sitting for a professor for a month.
This cat is huge, old and furry.
So along with my dirty clothes going home is cat hair covered clothes.
He's also diabetic and gets shots twice a day.

I grew up on a farm, and our pets learned it was survival of the this is a little hard for me to wrap my head around.
But to each is own.
The cat is friendly with me, and I do like cats so we've gotten along.

ahhh...nothing like great jazz music enjoyed on a quiet street in a room full of character. 
" it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing"....

p.s lets hope the man who lives upstairs winds up his "olympic floor shuffle" soon.


  1. Zumba!?! How do you like it? Is it hard to do? Tell me more more more.

  2. sorry about the curtains...**sheepishgrin**
    i look forward to seeing what you find! (& maybe stealing them)