Wednesday, June 1, 2011

things I want to remember

My precocious 8 yr old Texas great nephew saying " you need to fix your hair."  I questioned his thinking. He assured me my hair needed to be fixed because " I don't want you to make a fool of yourself!" 

My 2 yr. old Kansas great nephew scampering delightedly in his bare feet swinging his light saber all about the reception sporting a mile wide grin. 

Pinning the bout on the grooms jacket before the ceremony, and the quiet few minutes with him. He was nervous he said. 

The look on the face of charming and delightful sister of the bride when Bride walked out with her daddy.

Seeing my 79 1/2 yrs mom-in-love participate in the Grand March. Then the total delight to see her doing the twist with one of her grand daughters. Most of all seeing Bride take off flying across the reception hall, hair and gown flying behind her to go see Gram dance. And then they danced the Cotton Eyed Joe together. My in-loves were great dancers. They were known to clear a dance floor back in the day. She has arthritis pretty bad, but with her eyes twinkling and German determination on her face she beamed while saying " I'm going to dance at my granddaughters wedding. I may not move for a week..but I am going to dance." 

The celebrating we did before with our Framily.

gonna need to keep working on this list.


  1. it's a pretty good start so far momma!

    i'm gonna add, you & abby laughing @ the dining rooms table after she told you a bus story & you told her she brings you much joy.

    abs pretending to be a baby so you'll tell her she's amazing too!

    you & baby of joy & delight having your morning conversations.

    walking into the house & seeing you & barbie together, holding baby of joy & delight, just like you always sat together

    you doing showing your "zumba skills" @ the wedding to the joy & delight of the crowd on the dance floor

    miah dancing to "thriller"

    gram winking @ me during the wedding ceremony. **grin** when tor was talking about the people that formed & shaped us

    susan giving me a drink from the hose

    tor stepping out of my garage in his brewery shirt with a broom getting ready to sweep the patio

    the "musical compilations" accompanying us as we decorated the huppah

    having some of all of my favorite people in one place. **bighugegrin**

  2. trying on our dresses thursday afternoon, having our "big fat greek wedding" moment. **BIGHUGEGRIN**

    "helping" you work on the wedding bouquets with your right hand ya-ya faeries & all the conversation!!

  3. i love these...keep 'em coming bride