Monday, June 13, 2011

"the day" May 29th part 1

Two weeks ago seems a long time away, now. 

 Bride and I were up before anyone else, we had lists on our minds, and eventually on paper. 
She tried to go back to sleep, but her spinning and excited brain, kept  additional  sleep away. 
I understood.

I had time to ponder. Here it was, the day we’d been planning for many months. Whether we had everything completed we dreamed and schemed about, didn’t matter. It was nearly time to celebrate. My heart was ready.

 I enjoyed being outside, adjusting the décor, imagining how it would be in 12 hours, praying it would be just as lovely. 

The air was sweetly cool, a gentle south breeze had the tree garlands swaying, and things just sparkled as only an early morning can do. 

 The old bike was festive.
 Entrance was ready.

I knew the ceremony would happen regardless of the weather 
elements, and it would all be fun and tender.  

We must have had a small rain because each chair seat had a small puddle of water in it. Later, Charming and delightful sister was concerned the sun and wind wouldn’t be able to dry it, so she went to each chair, all 200 of them, tipping them so they would dry out.

I went back in to have some breakfast with the kids at home, 

and to get me moving, because the day was not waiting on my pondering.
As I sat in worship service this past Sunday I was remembering two weeks ago. We were surrounded by our friends and family. It was pure joy to start Bride’s wedding day in worship with these people as well as our church family.  “My” pew was full, the pews behind me, in front of me, were full of very important wedding party and guests.
The songs seemed very tender to my heart, the singing was full of harmony and sincerity, and my heart was full of love and joy.
We had planned a lunch meal for all those sweet people. Just as I was taking the casseroles out of the oven, some loving friends come bringing in 4 pizzas. How thoughtful and appreciated by all.

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  1. Thanks for the pics. 200, oh my!! You were braver than I thought.