Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wedding day #5

RMG and the minister arrive, both looking dashing of course.

As each of RMG’s attendants walked past him he got a high five, hand shake, or small hug. Made my heart sing. 
RMG's brother high-fiving with lil's sis in the background
this was taken at rehearsal...but it was repeated at the ceremony

The girls all walked in looking beautiful in spite of wind-swept hair and swirly dresses.  Did you know all their dresses were different and chosen by them?  Such pretty colors of blues and greens, some patterned, some solid. A garden of loveliness. 

Bride’s Flower Girl, not your traditional one, was a former roomie. So instead of tossing petals she handed out roses to various people. 

She came in spreading joy when I was not paying attention, I was talking to my mom seated next to me. All of a sudden I hear this voice. “momma. “ I turn. It’s Flower Girl, handing me a rose.
Sigh….Very sweet.

Eventually I was waiting on my cue to stand for Bride and her daddy. When I saw the look on Charming and Delightful Sister’s face, I knew Bride and Daddy had stepped inside the fence.

Sister got teary eyed with a sweet smile. I confirmed with her it was time…. I stood up and turned around .
Oh goodness, the telling of this brings tears.
I was very happy then, now it hits me differently? Probably not helping with me to be listening to Sentimental Journey on Pandora.
Not sure if I’m the only mom who’s ever dreamed about the day when she would stand at her daughters’ wedding, signaling all the guests to stand. But I obviously have. A moment of joy . I wasn’t teary or sad….  Contentedly happy for my daughter.
A bit concerned for my hubby. His face was full of emotion. Tender and loving, and with a bit resigned look…’this is how it is, she was mine, now she’s his.’ 

RMG's expression was different than FOB,of course.
From the time Bride was handed over with a hug to RMG, it all went TOO FAST.
The prayer, readings, music, blessing, and whoosh…  it was over.
Wait!!! Let’s do this again in slow motion.  The ceremony was so much fun, the feelings I was experiencing were good, I wasn’t ready for it to be over.
And then the minister says,, “I introduce to you for the first time Bride and RMG “
She is beaming, he is grinning. I wish you could have seen them. 

Just as quickly the wedding party leaves and Hubby motions for me to go. I hesitated then remembered we were to precede the grooms parents.  Maybe I’m still wanting to slow it all down?   
After we all stand I stopped and gave RMG’s momma a big hug.

I think I hugged his dad too.
It felt right.
Our kids, our joy, our hearts full of emotions, and now our families are linked.
This is good.


  1. This was lovely and I'm glad you can replay it over and over in your mind's eye and enjoy the pics. Yeah, the good times WOOSH past.

  2. I LOVE the picture of the bride and her father! She looks so, so happy!

  3. She was tickled pink Amy. In fact, she smiled and grinned the whole time. Such joy.