Thursday, June 9, 2011

daddy's thoughts

No, it's not him writing, but me logging things he's told me.

I knew it was a tough day emotionally for him for a variety of reasons. 

He said the line from the song Sunrise Sunset, "I don't remember growing older...when did they?" became very real for him. 

Obviously it was the beginning of changes. No we don't give our kids away....we collect RMG is more responsible for our daughter. He is the one Bride needs to turn to for the many things in their shared journey, we are only the supporting cast now. 
" They must learn from one another, day by day." 
That was one thing.

Plus he was missing our good friend Mike. All his kids were here, we were doing things like we used to in 1980's-1990's, and Mike wasn't here to share it. He wished Mike could have seen our four daughters share a pre-ceremony hug.... to see these beautiful ladies and share in the joy of the day. 
I like to think Mike had a cloud view seat.

Dear ole' dad was also happy to give our daughter the wedding she wanted. 

He did not like it when the couple was introduced with RMG's last name. Guess it just wasn't something he had thought of. Not that he doesn't want our daughter to have that name...he just hadn't thought of it. 
Such a sentimental daddy/man he is.

However, he also was thinking..."she's standing over the sewer line".


  1. LOVE daddies. They are the BEST. And when the emotion flows... watch out. :)

  2. Janet, I have read and looked at everything at least twice and have loved it all...thank you so much for sharing everything....yes, you ALL are amazing, so much done, so much fun....thank you, thank you...and much love to you all. What's next.......