Wednesday, June 15, 2011

May 29, part 2

After lunch clean up it was hair and make-up time for Bride. She zipped over to the lodge where her attending girls and friends were staying. I soon followed in my own car. Due to a limit of electrical outlets, the beauty parlor was set up in the kitchen. 

There’s Bride, her head connected to the wall by the curling iron in L’s hand.  


She is surrounded by 7 excited girls who had come to celebrate and support her. It was sweet to see them watch the hair and make-up, and offer their approval. Bride is also working on wiring the yucca blossoms that she wore in her hair.

I was sitting under my own curling-ironed hair. I was facing Miss Bride-y separated by a half wall and 15 feet. 
Was a rather sweet getting gussied-up together, listening to the sweet support and being loved on.

 YaYa Indy does great work!

Due to much shorter hair I was finished before Bride and headed home. I did encounter Charming and Delightful Sister who was zipping off to the kitchen beauty parlor for her do

Once home, I learned RMG was waiting at the church for Bride. She wasn’t back yet, so I went to make sure his bout was pinned on and checked on him.  He was chatting with the photographer, looking a bit anxious. We talked about that, I looked at his suit, pinned on the bout, and saw the note his bride had left him.  For me, it was a sweet few moments with my son-in-love to be. The photographer was quietly snapping pics.
I did suggest RMG give serious thought to taking off his suit coat if he felt too hot, since it was 102 degrees. He thought a bit, and assured me he would think about it, but “it might be cooler by 7”.
Bride was home, so I went back to help her get in her dress. 

Oh my, the leaky eye syndrome is starting to hit as I remember this day. There we were, Bride, Charming and Delightful sister, YaYa Indy, the photographer and me. In a bedroom already full with two full size beds and two dressers. Not to mention suitcases, shoes, etc. We found space to slip her in the gown while the photographer stood on the unmade bed snapping away.  These things all happened so quickly, that pondering is often set aside for times like now. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the pics. It's so sweet to see how my blog friends live in their "real" lives. I love the story.

  2. Hello Janet! When I was recently sent the link to your blog, I knew I wanted to start at the beginning and read the whole thing! Have laughed and cried with you, your family (and framily)and feel like I was right there for the whole event. Thanks for sharing all the stories, pictures, emotions, etc. that have been a part of your life. I have lost your e-mail address, so I just thought I'd post this on your blog. My son is getting married in August, so I really related to your search for the dress. Since the wedding is not in my backyard, and I am the MOG not the MOB, I don't have nearly as much preliminary planning as you did, however there are still some stressful issues to deal with!
    Gotta tell you, I laughed out loud when you mentioned all the sweet things FOB thought about during the wedding and then ended with the comment about Bride standing over the sewer line. SO FUNNY! Thanks again for sharing.
    Linda Atkins