Sunday, June 5, 2011

my own unplanned detour

In my own bed tonite... wasn't supposed to be. 
The plan was 5 hours west...enjoying the cool colorful rockies.
But, our car we had 'fixed' last week, was acting up.
Okay I'll take our pick-up.
One hour from home, it began misbehaving. A bit of tinkering, waiting, and trying several seemed ok.
We started out again.
Another 30 miles down the road...and clunk, chunk, sputter, sputter.
the pickup was declaring war. 
We turned around, went home. 
In the mean time, hubby called the mechanic, he found the hose he 'should' have changed. 
So tomorrow morning me and YaYa Indy, will head out again.
She fly's out on Wednesday so we really needed to make this trip.

Ah cars...they can be problematic.
haven't heard from the happy couple today so clueless as to who is in what state.

good night


  1. glad ya made it to the mountains safely, momma!