Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You should definitely do this

If you are having a wedding and reception, consider the children.
Consider their parents.

Go to your dollar store and buy a bunch of fun things for the kids who are attending to play with.
We had crayons, coloring books, coloring pads, mini frisbees and spinning tops. A chess set, suduko books for bigger kids who don't dance, but the hit of the night was the was glow in the dark stuff. I had nearly a dozen swords, fairy princess wands, etc, plus the sticks to make necklaces. We also had pin wheels for the kids to have during the wedding ceremony. Must be why we also had gale force winds! : )

We only had left over coloring books. 
Was grand fun for me to see the little kids playing with all these things. Was even more fun for the kids and families.

So worth the few $$$ I spent. 

This is a must do, for wedding planning. 


  1. You are so thoughtful. It showed in all the wedding prep. :)

  2. all the glow in the dark stuff was the best, seeing kids zoom around the reception hall, chasing each other, worth it! & i loved hugging people & seeing kiddos with the pinwheels after the ceremony!
    that's some good thinkin' momma!