Thursday, June 23, 2011

i'm comfortable by myself

in fact, am a better person when I have alone time.
it's a well known fact in my birth family,
and also with my hubby and kids.
we all need some space.

so to be in this second floor quiet space...feels good.
I like the tree-house feel when I look out these expansive windows. The birds, squirrels and I are on an even level.
Those tree branches beg me to climb out on them.
It's tempting.

but I won't....
literally...just mentally.
maybe emotionally.....

The past year has been emotion packed.
Varied emotions because
this is life..we all live it.

sometimes you need to be alone with yourself
to put yourself back together again.

even out on a limb.


  1. Sounds like you are finding your inner poet. Nice :)

  2. amen! i've been logging some alone time as well, thankfully my handsome fella is understanding. sounds like you are in a gorgeous place to wander....
    much love, momma