Sunday, June 5, 2011

the unplanned detour

The fairy tale event quickly turned to reality for Bride and RMG.
To back up, he was wounded a week before the wedding. Kind of a big issue since he's still in a sling....something about clavicle separating from shoulder area type stuff. He's probably looking at surgery.
So his activities have been limited. Bride has posted she gets to tie his shoes for him and buckle his seat belt. : ) 

Last Tuesday they began the car journey back to their home, with planned stops to visit some friends. Well...... when they got to the first area, her car decided to add some adventure to their life.'s always frustrating when cars do that.
So instead of being home, they are still 2 days driving away from it, waiting on the diagnosis of the car, and eventual solution. They were both supposed to be at work tomorrow. 
Since they don't know what's wrong with the car, how long it will take to get fixed, I'm not sure how it will all end up. There were rumblings about flying RMG back, letting Bride wait on the car, and then she would drive home. 
Needless to say, that's not anyone's ideal solution. The kids could really have enjoyed this time driving back TOGETHER. I'm not too crazy about her doing this on her lonesome. She will be very tired. 

But what do ya do? Make the best of a difficult situation and go on from there. Isn't that what makes up life? What builds character?

Bride called us last evening to give us the update, and probably chat a bit. We were off partying so missed the call. 'sad face'.

Today me and the remaining wall-paper-pulling -off- YaYa are headed 5 hours west for some R & R in the mountains. Then she will fly to her home on Wednesday, and I shall drive home. 
We've had lots of fun, even accomplished much. ( my dining room re-do) We've been friends since 1986. Her grand baby is the the afore mentioned Baby of Joy and Delight.

However, a few chores for me to get accomplished before I can get on the road. You know, gotta do my own character building stuff.

Here's a few pics, of some happier moments for Bride and RMG.

Opening a gift she was hoping to get,
but afraid to hope for.
She is excited about this. 
Thanks gift giver.

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  1. Le creuset!!! Oh this lucky girl. I've always dreamed of having a le creuset casserole. Alas, I now think I may not be strong enough to lift it out of the oven. :(