Thursday, June 16, 2011

wedding day part 3

Possibly I need to condense this down.
However I'm actually writing it for me, in case I should forget..and...
I just happen to be sharing it with you. : )
On with the story..

Of course she was beautiful. Those brown eyes were anticipatory and happy. Her hair was the way she had dreamed...

I decided dear old dad might be better off seeing her when there wasn’t a crowd, so we roused him from his nap. That embrace was tender for certain. 

Next were the brothers. They voiced their appreciation, and Bride was ready to go see her man! 
 She wanted her flowers.

By now, the wind is blowing to beat the band, so me, Sister and YaYa accompany Bride across the lawn holding down hair and dress of Bride.
The photographers had a spot set up for RMG and Bride to do “the reveal”. We leave them to this time and trek back across the windy hot yard for home.
By now our home is filling up with very lovely ladies in assorted blue and green dresses. Brides attendants and close friends had arrived for their photo session. 

My dining room was like a flower garden of gorgeousness because of them. They were checking hair, etc. Good thing I have a mirror in the living room and dining room!  As the house began to fill up, we pushed the dining room table up against the wall, turned the chairs around for easy access, and kept offering everyone water. It was still a windy 103 degrees and the pics were taken outside. 

YaYa Indy kept suggesting I get in to my dress. Eventually I assured her I would closer to time for family photos. I knew I would just melt due to it all, otherwise.

The groom and his support team arrived inside looking for a cooler spot. They took over our cozy living room, and we passed out water to all.
Now I have 12 bridal party people, 
Bride ,RMG,
me, FOB,
2-3  “brothers” of Bride,
and a few assorted hubbies of the girls.
Oh and the other YaYa, 
(and a paaarrrtri-i- idge in a pear tree)
all looking for a cooler place to land. 

We have a small home, but it worked.  
I had thought our extended family would be filling up the rooms, 
however there was no space left. Due to that fact and heat, we moved the extended family photos to the church. There was more space, plenty of a/c and no wind. That worked out grand. Plus assorted family members were catching an early supper in between pics..

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  1. Too bad it had to be so HOT that weekend. Just have to say, it will add to the memories they have of their special day. Glad you all survived and smiled throughout.