Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to Charming and Delightful Sister

 here's Miss Bride with her much loved baby sister 
who is only 1 day old.

And much anticipated birthday girl 
with one of her 'adopted older sisters'.
Who is bringing her new baby to visit us!
 Our birthday girl doing a bit of cupboard cleaning.
She did that very often. Must be why she's so organized now!
bunny slippers are always in style
 Daddy, dancing with one of his brown eyed girls.
 4 generations of grand women!
one of her favorite places 
This was when she LOVED to wear dresses.
Okay..only 2 dresses and they both 
had dalmatians on them!
Doncha love the shoes, but especially 
her hands on her mouth.

Her 3rd birthday cake she dropped.
I promise this years cake won't look like this.
Happy birthday darling daughter. 
Can't wait to see you.

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  1. oooh!! i like the photo journey!! **grin** some good memories tucked in these pages. i look forward to getting to spend some time with those people so very soon!! & giving my seestor her birthday presents!!