Sunday, May 1, 2011

tomorrow we will be there...home

Has been a great busy few days with Bride and RMG.
But time to go home.

Her church friends gave her a bridal shower and shocked us speechless.
They gave her a brand new sewing machine.
I know....
She's been wanting one for quite awhile.
Bless their hearts.
And...that's not all....
She recieved some gift cards to the local fabric store too.
wow right?

Plus other gifts given, tasty food, delightful fun game.
When I get home, I'll post pictures of the fun.
RMG got to attend and was a trooper about it all.

I've not looked to see how many days are left.
But it's May guess I can count backwards!!!!
oh me oh my

Regardless, happy May Day to you.


  1. oh, it is getting close. I'm starting to pray for good weather for your day.

  2. thanks happygirl. We all appreciate that.