Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesdays ramblings about Sunday's adventure

On a very windy, hot Sunday evening, one new family was created, and two families joined. The temperature had reached over 100 degrees, and the south wind added to the challenges. Also kept our bodies a bit cooler.
My little woodland faerie/greek goddess Bride wearing a family heirloom turquoise necklace and a garland of yucca blossoms and boston fern frond in her hair married her Sweet Baboo!
RMG, my favorite son-in-love, was oh so handsome in his dark dress pants, silver shirt and turquoise tie and pocket square. He did take off his suit coat, due to heat, and the accessory-sling for the ceremony however...I think. 
Under the huppah, that had a white sheer drape taking sail in the 35 mph wind, they promised to love and support one another, yata yata yata. 
Fortunately the wedding was on the north side of the house and it was a south wind.  
For me, the ceremony went too fast, of course. But it was lovely. 
Amazingly, we broke with tradition...I know you're surprised huh?
Bride stood on the left with her attendants standing on the right and her family sitting on the right. 
You wanna know why? Because at EVERY wedding I've ever attended I always felt bad for the parents. They couldn't see their childs face. Bride and I had discussed this and determined to change that. Also she wanted to see her attendants, their responses and visual support for herself and for RMG and his family to have the same. Worked perfectly...you might give it some thought to the next wedding you plan. 

to be continued....

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  1. I am DYING to see the pics. And, I'm glad it didn't rain.