Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 Weeks

All along on this wedding planning journey, I've wondered how I would be feeling, what would I be doing when we got down to the wire, such as 2 weeks. 
Would I be panic-y? 
Would it all be as ready as it can be by now?
etc, etc. am I doing? 
What am I thinking?
Let's see...
Today I got to worship once again with my regular church family.
Was good to be 'home'.
All the music spoke to my heart. The musicians prelude was one of my favorite hymns. This Is My Father's World.

But the chorus that blessed me the most
"I worship You, Almighty God."
yes, I do worship You. Regardless of the stress, the things to do,
and life's frustrations. I CHOOSE to worship You.
"I worship You, oh Prince of Peace"
peace, a place I need to dwell in,
and attitude I need to accept and embrace,
regardless of how my folks are doing, 
regardless of the yard work still to be done,
and endless other chores,
" That is what I want to do."
Accept Your peace, 
for me
for my folks
for Bride and RMG.
"I worship You, Almighty God,
There is none like You."

Tears were racing down my cheeks, but my heart was free.

Had a nice lunch w/hubby,
then home to laugh through the last 45 minutes of 
My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

c.a.y.g. month and 
laugh as you go month. 

2 weeks??
bring it on!!



  1. I wish I felt this in church. I'm glad you have a home church like this

  2. I prefer laughing but understand my weepy friend. BTW why is Josef called RMG???

  3. to Lee: my mom and aunt margie kept saying " He is SUCH a renaissance man!"
    Renaissance Man Groom.

    I did post that tidbit early on in the blog,,but that was months ago. :)

    to happy girl: you are welcome to come to church w/me anytime. might be a bit of a drive tho.

  4. PTL!! oh momma, this is so good to hear!
    & a good reminder for me.
    i got to have a 2-ish hr long drive & talk w/jen yesterday & then some just girlie shopping time. it was good for my heart. & saturday night we went over to the brannans for supper & stayed 5-ish hours! also so good for my heart.
    PTL for those good women.