Friday, May 27, 2011

bodies, bags, baby and bride

With 9 1/2 bodies residing in our compact home, it's allows for creativity to house all the stuff. 
 3 to a bed!
 others 'ousted' to the yard
 bags tucked in every corner

 dining room table almost to its max
 delightful daughters being sassy

 Baby of Delight and Joy arrived wearing this shirt 
in honor of her great aunti (me)
 Here she is w/her Nana the next morning 
looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.
 It's been a long...okay well maybe never....time
since our garage had a stroller in it. 
 Wednesday evening play time with just my 3 biological kids.
We were waiting on the Framily to arrive and needed to keep busy.

 Impressive kids huh?

 marking the hem for the wedding gown.
the 'hemstress' is the momma of the brides oldest friend.
you know the one she's known since they were 3.
 Bride admiring her 'prince charming'. 
" I know you...I danced with you once upon a dream" 
Laa daaa daaaa dahdahdah dah daaaaa dee dee
dee dee de dedum...
And I know it's true..that visions are seldom what they seem.
 I know you what you'll do
You'll love me at once
The way you did once
 upon a dream"

The dream day is coming up darling bride.
I know it will be fun

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  1. You're handling everything with style and grace. Doing a great job there momma of the bride. :> Can't imagine all you are taking on. Try to breath and enjoy and wishing your family all the best! :> P.S. Learned I am going to be a mother of the bride, last night :> I am happy for my sweet girl!