Saturday, May 21, 2011

Midnight Adventures

Nothing like those middle of night phone calls to get the heart pumping. (And for me they often cause mental confusion if I was asleep.)
Long story shorter, RMG injured his shoulder playing ultimate frisbee w/friends. 
His parents were trying to get in touch w/Bride.
remember she's driving home. 
They couldn't get her, so got in touch w/us.
Unfortunately, Brides, phone was dead, BUT charming and delightful sisters was working. 
Phone calls were made all around. The girls stopped in Billings for the night. 
Have since learned RMG possibly has a torn ligament or sprained ligament from shoulder blade to clavicle. 
He flys home tomorrow, sporting a new sling. woo hoo!!!!

We are in the countdown!
Lord please keep them all safe
and the rest of us sane. 

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  1. Dear Lord please keep the wedding family safe and sound. Bless this marriage. In Jesus name amen.