Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Tuesday has come and gone.
I went to my great uncle's funeral.
Remembered all the verses to the song "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder".
You wanted to know that right?
Was interesting to be at a funeral on my birthday. My great uncle lived 99 years. I turned 53 thinking I have another half of my life to live. woo hoo!!!! 
My dad was an honorary pall bearer and he gave the blessing at the family dinner. Was nice to hear him pray. I didn't realize I haven't heard that in quite awhile. Just blessed me. 
Also liked being with extended family. 
Had a great chat with a cousin. We talked farming and parents. 
Our dads are brothers and he just recently had to put his parents in the nursing home. We understand each others journeys.

Bride and I did massive grocery shopping. 
"money money money mo--ney....muuuneeyyy!"

She bought me a fire pit for my birthday.
I've wanted one for several years.
thanks honey-bride.

She also skyped with friends last night. 
 They got a yard tour.

The wind began to blow in the afternoon and has not stopped.
Changed directions as we see the same tumble weeds blow back by.
Today is overcast and cool.
We have been blessed because those tornadoes are not stopping.
My heart is sad for those who are having them, for sure. And yesterdays were a mere 2 hours from us...but so's just wind.

This morning my daughters and I got nails done. woohoo.

I even got the shellac stuff on my fingernails. 
It was a bday gift from a good friend. 
Seems to be good stuff. 
I've cleaned 2 bathrooms, swept floors and raked a bit in the yard. Nails are doing grand!!!

Today the chef has begun. 

to not have to worry about lunch. 
Charming and delightful sister of the bride is in charge of cooking for the next several days. She volunteered.
She's a good cook, and enjoys it. 
Frees me up for other stuff.

Bride vacuumed the house, added leaves to the table, hauled stuff to the 'wedding room', and a jillion other things.

We get the daily call from Grandma wanting the latest.
I know she kind of wishes to be part of the festivities here, 
just to be around family and such. However I know the craziness and constant hustle and bustle is too she calls for updates,
and gets excited about stuff.

My friends are being the great women they are and offering many things. I'm learning to take them up on it, even. 
Bride said after lunch.."'s just great to have good caring friends."
amen honey pot. 

My son called in his birthday greetings yesterday and gave me a bit of surprise.
He's coming home tonight. He wasn't to be in until Friday evening. 
Mainly because earlier he had grumbled about thinking about all the stuff we have to do and would need to be done...yatayata...
but now he's realizing he's also missing out on some of the memory making, and bonding time. 
Plus good friends from east of the Mighty Mississippi will be arriving tonight. These aren't just friends. They are family.
Framily as I once referred to them.
These are the ones with the 2 month old baby girl. We are excited!
And yes, we know we'll all get to hear her express herself..but it's a baby. The baby of Bride's friend since they were 3. 
I'm teary and excited all at the same time.

Anyway....all the beds will be full here. 
Brother knows this and volunteered to sleep on the couch even,  just to not miss out. 
I like that.

signing off....until we meet again....

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  1. oh boy, it's getting close now. btw, I'm older than you. Happy Birthday