Saturday, May 28, 2011

what day is it?

I asked my son. He said "Friday, soon to be Saturday."
Most of the time today I knew it was Friday... but this evening, it just got blurry.

All bridal party members and long distance guests have arrived and they know where their beds are. Not gonna say they are all in them. :)

today we,.... okay the corporate we :
got the wedding gown hemmed, my slip fixed,

various dress shirts washed and ironed?
rest of the punch made,
lists made,
yucca collected, 
corsages made,
2 meals cooked and cleaned up
answered a hundred questions,
chatted w/the missing framily members via skype,
hey you gorgeous Fins. Photo to haunt you later on here. :)
I'm sure we did more..
oh...the FOB mowed all the yards, 
3 people did the grocery run, 30 miles away. yes we live that far from a 'real' grocery store. 
Here's a cute story. One of the brides guests, who obviously is a city boy, inquired about wi fi. Bride said...nope. He said, "that's ok. I'll just go to a Starbucks or Panera!" 
You need to know they are both 3 hours the town he lives in.!!! Bless his heart.

This evening the lovely women who were here all gathered in the backyard for some lady time. We told how we knew/met the bride and a fond memory. Lots and lots of glorious giggles. In fact my good friend and I learned a few stories from/about our daughters childhoods hyjinks...we didn't know. kids are kids

We are happy our Hoosier Framily is getting to meet the current states framily, and vice versa. Would be a sad thought to celebrate this event with out any of them.

I only got to hold the Baby of Joy and Delight for maybe 5 minutes. Tomorrow I need to do better.

Now it's officially Saturday...I need to go to bed.


  1. amen! getting to spend time with framily finns & all the wonderful women in the backyard made my heart so FULL!! PTL!! **bighugegrin**