Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mystery flowers for me

My doorbell rang this afternoon.
There was a box that had been left.
Wow! someone sent me flowers.
 hmm,,must be from one of my kids.
which one?

I'm blessed to have several of my kid's friends call me mom.
the message says, "You are the best mom anyone could ever want. Though I'm lucky, because I have you.
love you mom!"

okay, then this is from a biological child. 
hmm...must be one of the girls because the son has limited funds.
Bride calls me 'momma'. As do the non-bio kids...its usually Momma B.
 After checking the entire box, label and all, in hopes for a clue, I'm still not quite certain who sent these.
 24 mixed roses. very pretty.

Pondering continues as to the giver, but think I have it pegged. 
I am on that one's bank account so I check to see. Yup. I was right.

She gets the thankyou text.
Then when she calls she plays dumb..."I don't know anything about flowers. I didn't send you any."
When I tell her how I confirmed it...she knew the secret was out.

Initially it was a bit of a puzzle for me. Do I send the thankyou text to all 3 kids? Will that frustrate the real giver? Am I just supposed to know who sent them? 
Many scenario possibilities, and uncertain answers. hence the bank account checking. Communication is the key here, and I don't want to offend anyone or mess up.

Funny thing is...she wanted me to not know who sent them!
So I'm enjoying the love shown to me and the flowers. With me, you can't go wrong with flowers. ever. 

oh...you wanna know who sent them huh? 

 It's my May flower. 

she's playing dress-up here, almost 20 years ago. 
Wearing mom's high heels, a hostess apron, her sisters poodle skirt as a shawl, and brothers ball cap! 
She was born exactly one week before my birthday. Our birthday's won't get much attention this year due to a wedding happening. That's okay. We'll still have Red Velvet Season.
thank you delightful sister of the bride. 
did I mention her middle name?
it was picked out by the bride.


  1. hehe!! how sweet! those are verra purdy flowers, momma! **grin**

  2. i think that's abby's hand/arm in the pic, isn't it?