Monday, May 23, 2011

the Real Post for Monday!

I made this list this morning.
After I folded 3 loads of laundry,
washed & dried sheets, re-made my bed,
helped Bride make decisions,
approved charming-and-delightful 
sister-of-bride's weeks menu,
and I breathed.
  Then I sat down to make lists for each day, 
start supply lists for each venue,
and I'm having fun checking off the completed things!!!
Makes me feel like I'm
gettin' stuff done.

 The menu along with special instructions.
My fav is when the chef wrote,
" If you do not like any of these meals, there are 2 places to eat in town. I am not a short order cook!" 
FOB has been busy today too. 
He made from scratch my birthday cake.
 and frosting.

Also got some yucca stems so I can see if 
they'll hold up, and be useable.

 we moved the piles of wedding stuff from 
the bedrooms which are filling up w/bodies. these peonies did not wait for this weekend,
so we'll just enjoy them now.

See that lone chair?
It's for me. 
Everyone else gets to stand!!!
That way we'll have room for 
all 207 that have rsvp'd!

okay... believe what you want.
but I wouldn't be late if you wanna sit in a chair..
just sayin'.

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