Monday, May 9, 2011

hard working Bird

I was blessed to have Favorite Sister of mine helping me today.
We pulled weeds, she dug dandelions, and we put out some mulch on those just weeded flower beds. She got the rose bed wedding-ready. yeah!!
I'm still planting pots and moving some flowers around. Plus the never ending watering continues. 

Then we did punch. She had a recipe to try. It's just perfect. RMG wanted something fizzy and with strawberries. This is and does.
We figured out how many cups per gallon, how many people, etc. It was math,, but we did it! Now she will make it for me, and it'll be ready to go.
She is enroute to our folks farm to spend the night.  Mom starts chemo, again, tomorrow, and my sister is taking them.  Dad can drive, but it's easier/better, if my sister takes them. In fact chemo is being scheduled for Tuesdays, because that's the day she goes to the farm. Each week, to do whatever needs doing. 

We are a family of nicknamers. One of my sisters is Bird. And she is definitely being for me and our folks.. a hard working Bird.

Chatted with Bride today. She is in full wedding mode. Has lists and going after 'em. 
RMG is learning how much time and work it takes to have a wedding. 
lots and lots. 
Even when it's a simple one.
It definitely needs to be a " all hands on deck" to get things done. 
No rest for the weary, etc. 

However, currently I'm waiting for the temperature to get a shade cooler before I go back outside. 

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  1. Oh my, I feel as if I've missed a lot. Isn't family the BEST.