Thursday, May 26, 2011


The Framily arrived last night about 10:30 pm. Such joy to have them all here.
Today we've planted some, the boys got the solar fountain, fire pit, and other stuff assembled.
Patches the dog has escaped twice this evening...but we leave the gate open and she comes home. 
Bride is exhausted and needs to rest....the details of it all are numerous. I find myself going in to protective mode for/with her. Don't want my baby to be too worn out to enjoy the day that most girls spend a lifetime dreaming about.

But this afternoon for a few hours we played dress-up!
She put on her bridal gown for the Aunti to mark for hemming and enjoyment with the framily. Was fun girl time.
I put on my dress to make sure it still fits, gotta fix my slip...again.
The oldest friend of bride showed us her dress options...we liked them both.
The Baby of Joy and Delight has been just that. She coo-ed and talked to me this morning with big grins and eyebrow wiggling. 

And the meals are marvelous. 

Tomorrow is flower time, collecting the yuccas, making corsages and bridesmaid bouquets, and who knows what else.
Probably make more punch. 

I just rocked the baby to sleep.....good therapy for me.

Forecast is almost 100 degrees for Sunday. Lord, cool it down some please.

The days are going double -time like I knew they would. 
Today we've all laughed, teased each other, and just had fun.
This framily is so very dear to us, we have so much history, and lots of love. I can just sit in the room listening and watching these adult kids. Gives me joy, fills my emotional cup to over flowing.

The matriarch of this framily and I went to the garden center planning of finding a drapey plant to conceal a utility thing mounted on the house. No luck, but we did come up with a beautiful mix of red geraniums, purple verbena, and pink petunias. All put in a wall basket. It will hang on the back door, right by where everyone enters.
We also put a pot of red geraniums in the old teal colored bicycle basket. Looks so cute. 

The girls are camping out in the backyard tonite. Setting up the tent, rounding up the sleeping bags. It's a cool night so those will feel good.

 You know you're having fun when you keep thinking...' we need to do this more often.' Of our 6 kids between us, after Sunday, only 2 will be the married ones. 
thanks God, for the gift of time with framily.

Tomorrow the brides attendants all arrive by evening so it's gonna be another round of joy.

good nite.


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  1. Enjoy the framily time. This weekend will FLY.