Saturday, May 14, 2011

frost??? really???

Am up in the middle of the night.
Not unusual for me.
So I check the weather for today's agenda.
they say " patchy frost before 8 a.m."!!!

It's May, there is not supposed to be frost.
Still debating making a early morning save of the more tender plants. 
sheesh....what's with this weather???

On an entertaining note...FOB is getting SOFT.
I updated him on wedding details, costs I'm aware of.
30 minutes later he said, " go ahead and get her the _____
she wants. It's fine." 

oh b o t h e r!!! 
I assured him things are fine just like they are. 

Who is this man?
and what has he done with my thrifty, frugal hubby?


  1. Hasn't this year had the STRANGEST weather???? Nuts.

  2. oh! poor daddy! **sadface**