Thursday, May 19, 2011

up and down adventures

Remember Sister of bride was flying today? She has spent 9 plus hours stranded in Denver. Her first flight was unable to land due to storms. Consequently she missed her connecting flight this morning. 
Currently she is standing in line to get on her alternate flight. It has been a llloooonnngg day for her. We were both up by 4:45 this a.m. and neither of us have gotten a nap.

Mid-day, I was blessed with a luncheon with amazing women, tasty food, and lots of giggles. Perfect!

Then back to real life, yard work, stranded daughter, lists.

This evening I was feeling content with the yard, even if it's not mowed yet. Decided to take some pics. 
Keeping my fingers crossed the
peonies hold off another 9 days.

Been adding edging bricks.The grass
never did cooperate here.

 Tossed in some pots for flavor.

Had bricks surrounded some more.

 more of the same

 I still find these interesting,
even after the buds are done.
cayenne pepper sprinkled in
to keep the cat from napping here.

About 20 minutes AFTER I took the pics
I noticed the sky was greenish.
Being raised on a farm, I knew that meant trouble.
yes, folks,
I was scrambling around the yard, slipping
out of my soggy sandals 
desperately trying to save my plants.
Patches was the supporting cast member
because she would show me her spots of safety.
My jacket was drenched, body stinging due to hail stones
and hubby said."it's over".

It wasn't.
But was more rain than not.
thanks God.

 White stuff are hail stones.
  and more of 'em.

See how big some of them were?
Fortunately, minimal damage.
thankyou God.

Okay...f i n a l l the sister is on her plane.
Still has a 2 hour flight ahead. It's almost 11pm aka her body.
We were trying to do a helpful thing for Bride and give her someone to help drive with, because RMG wasn't leaving as early as she. 
However, due to all the issues Charming Sister has had today....and then discovering RMG changed his plans and is flying home early...
well honestly folks. It was one more thing in a day of many things.
Would have saved lots of time and $$$$ if Bride and RMG could have traveled together.
But...there's lots to learn in relationships. And we've all had the opportunities for personal growth..... especially me today. 
no one promised me a rose garden, 
just accept the ability to learn as I go.

Here's hoping you're 'thorny' days are productive too.


  1. your garden is Gorgeous. I so hope the weather cooperates for you.

  2. it looks really pretty, momma! glad the hail wasn't too hard! i hope you get some naps...