Monday, May 23, 2011

whew- Monday is over

This evening we worked on getting Bride's vision for the famous-huppah decorated.
(Also on the headpiece for bride....a few more kinks there)
I think we're on the right track, huppah-wise.
Took some adjustments from what her original plan was. 
But we're there.
And...I no longer have curtains in the living room... :)

Some of our trees and bushes will get a 'trim' and get to be on the huppah. 
It's going to be pretty.
I had fun watching Brides face. 
At first there was a bit of frustration, surrounded by determination. 
She knew this was what she had to work with..
Once we got on the right track, she responded  with a soft quiet voice...
" oh momma! I"
Those chocolate brown eyes got misty, the smile tender.
What joy for me to see this take place. 
Fun of course to see it coming together, but most importantly, to see her joy, appreciation and excitement.
We worked until it was too dark.

Tomorrow is hair cut for her.
I will attend a celebration of life service for a great uncle. 
He was 99 yrs old.

Then will meet up with one or both the girls to get the groceries.
Might even take 2 carts. 
Isn't it wonderful we have these options?
The ability to purchase not only what we need, but what we want too.

God is good. 

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  1. All the time. Oh, love the sound of the huppah, kinda reminds me of Gone With the Wind (curtains) Enjoy and God bless