Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My cousin wanted a wedding 'story'.

How about this one..
It was HOT AND WINDY. blah . We were taking the pre-wedding pics in the shade, of course. Bride and RMG had been outside long enough, but it was time for our family photo. There I am, all dressed up in my pretty green dress, snazzy laquered-down hair, with sweat forming oceans under my slip.
Gotta keep on.
I'm walking back to the photography spot happy as can be. Honest. Next thing I know... my right ankle turns in a  hole Patches had thoughtfully dug, and THE ONE I didn't get filled in. I see the ground coming toward me. ...whoops...this isn't a good thing!. So I landed on my left knee and hand as gracefully as possible. Was very happy I managed to keep from doing a side roll thing and flashing the photographers and all the window watchers. 
Then as gracefully as possible...I got up. The entire time, there stands bride,
FOB, probably RMG and the 2 photographers...I'm wondering why someone is not helping me get up!.

Guess it happened so fast.. I heard this comment" I wondered what you were doing!"

Well. I managed to smile through the pics, called for naproxen and requested the physical therapist, who was one of the bridesmaids to be on hand. Then I limped in to the house, decided my lower back hurt the most.  My son gave me another set of drugs... being a chemist he knows what I can mix  safely.
Ended up in my room, with the pt..B and her sister A, asking questions, having me bend, and B did the necessary assessment and treatment.
She got me able to move again with limited pain, I shed a few tears of frustration and pain....
and then of course
on with the show!!!!


  1. Oh no. I am so sorry. I hope your pride was hurt more than your body. Because at our age the former heals much quicker than the latter.

  2. hahaha.... I got up. That's the important thing. However I do think the chiropractor and I shall have an appointment sooon.