Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bridal shower # 3

Remember my favorite sister accompanied me to this big event.

Picture story time
 Bride greeted us with this sign at the airport.
Aka Facbook you could determine your 'royal' name by using family members name, first pet, and road you grew up on.
Our family members names weren't put on, but you can see our first pet and first home. 

 She also had two bouquets of flowers 
and a snack basket of teas, crackers, cheese,
nuts, candies. 
Definitely a royal treatment. 

Saturday was the shower.
 Very pretty table with amazingly delicious foods!
 Bride looking gorgeous and hungry!

 My plate of delights.

 Me, my sister and bride's roomie.

See RMG's pinkie finger. 
He knows things about 'fine dining.'

 the adventure begins
 contents of that big box.

 such concentration. notice Brides tongue.
she gets that trait from her daddy.

 happiness is a vase you love

 and a pillow that speaks the truth. 

 playing the 'nearly wed' game.

 question: where is your favorite place to eat together?

 Bride concentrating

 the answer to RMG's favorite movie.

 really concentrating.
Let me be sentimental here and tell you when I saw at this photo
my mind went back to her childhood days. I know she's concentrating here, but I see her wistful dreaming of things from childhood, gifts, adventures, friends, ice-cream, and of course
her Prince Charming.

'back to back they faced each other'

 RMG did really well answering his 
" how well do you know Bride questions"

 they both struggled with how many cardigans Bride has

Blessed to have each other.
My heart swells to see how he looks at my daughter.

The very good friends and  
talented hostesses with Bride.

This was RMG's first bridal shower. I giggled when he commented...
"this is fun and educational."

During the nearly wed game it was apparent they were thinking alike many times, but not always using the same words. 
When the question was asked..
"What is the last book that Bride read?"
Bride of course comes up with the title.
RMG's answer is correct and creative.
"that mushy book with Anna". 

Always, always, I come away feeling blessed RMG is joining our family.

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  1. Such a lovely couple and what a fun shower. I think that was a great game and I liked your comments referring to "younger" bride days. sweet.